MEET THE CANDIDATES May 18th Election – Pioneer Series: Frank (Frankie) Knight III, North County Recreation District Board Position #4

EDITOR’S NOTE: The May 18th ballot features dozens of opportunities to serve your community on local boards for our schools, ports, transportation district, recreation districts, water districts, fire districts and more. There is not a voters pamphlet for a primary/special election, therefore the Pioneer provides this opportunity for candidates to tell voters about themselves and the position they are seeking, even if running unopposed.
Tillamook County Pioneer CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT – 5 minute “why we should vote for you” pitch; include information about why you are running for the position and your TOP 3 most-important-issues facing the board/organization you wish to serve on.

MEET Frankie Knight, NCRD Board Position #4

My name is Frankie Knight. I am running for NCRD Board Position #4. I represent working families with young children wishing to preserve and improve the success of all things NCRD! I had the benefit of growing up learning to swim at NCRD’s pool, participating in children’s theatre in the auditorium (PAC) and socializing at the youth teen center. NCRD influence continued into my adult life by becoming a volunteer in the fitness center, playing softball at Rex Champ Field and sending my son to New Discoveries Pre-School. I still swim regularly in the pool and utilize it for water rescue training as a member of Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue. I was appointed to the NCRD budget committee in 2018. In 2019 I was appointed to the board of directors when a mid-term vacancy came open. As we move into a new chapter, with the construction of a new pool and the hiring of the new Executive Director, I will continue to support the long-term success and accountability of NCRD for the community as a whole.
My top three priorities for NCRD moving forward are as follows:
• Hiring a well-qualified and community oriented Executive Director to lead NCRD forward.
• Oversight on the planning and construction of the new pool facility to ensure longevity and financial sustainability.
• Improving transparency between NCRD and its guests, community partners, facility patrons and taxpayers.
Thank you for considering me as your NCRD representative.
Frankie Knight
(printed on ballot as Frank Knight III)