MEET THE CANDIDATES May 18th Election – Pioneer Series: LaDonna Coon, Tillamook School District Board Position 2

EDITOR’S NOTE: The May 18th ballot features dozens of opportunities to serve your community on local boards for our schools, ports, transportation district, recreation districts, water districts, fire districts and more. There is not a voters pamphlet for a primary/special election, therefore the Pioneer provides this opportunity for candidates to tell voters about themselves and the position they are seeking, even if running unopposed.
Tillamook County Pioneer CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT – 5 minute “why we should vote for you” pitch; include information about why you are running for the position and your TOP 3 most-important-issues facing the board/organization you wish to serve on.

MEET THE CANDIDATE: LaDonna Coon, Tillamook School District Board Position 2

My name is LaDonna Coon and I am running for re-election to Tillamook School District Board, Position 2.
I was born in Oklahoma, have lived in California and Arizona, and now call Tillamook my home, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
My husband was born and raised in Tillamook, and when we visited on vacation in 2013 I fell in love with the area and the rest is history.
I’ve had 4 children and 3 grandchildren attend school in the Tillamook School District, which allowed me to be involved in 6 of the 7 Tillamook schools.
I’ve been asked before how Arizona and Tillamook schools are different:
In Arizona the classes were large and there was little to no personal connection between teachers and students. As soon as our children were enrolled in the Tillamook School District, we began to feel like the school system was an extension of this great community. Teachers, counselors, and coaches would reach out and ask, what can we do to support? The come-alongside attitude of the staff at TSD is very apparent. The love and passion are evident and have inspired me to give back to this community.
As a current school board member, I am the board liaison for East and Trask River Schools. I’m familiar with all of Tillamook’s schools as a parent, and as the liaison for these specific facilities, I am afforded additional focus and familiarity with each school’s community, providing an open line of communication between the school and the school board.
I have a background in healthcare administration and am currently an Operations Manager at our Tillamook DHS office. I enjoy what I do, and serving not only our community but all Oregonians is a rewarding feeling.
My work experience includes a variety of ongoing training including Oregon Ethics Law, Suicide Awareness & Prevention, Psychological Safety Training, and Equity & Inclusion Training. In addition, I have participated in Metro Leadership training and continuing in Leadership in Action training. All of these continue to grow my awareness of others’ needs.
In closing, I am asking for your vote as I re-run for my school board seat. If elected to keep my current seat I will do my best and always give my 110% to support our superintendent and to serve our principals, their staff, our students, other board members and this community.
I have a strong drive and desire to give back to this community. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, helping the community continue to grow and helping our children continue to thrive, contributing to a brighter future for us all. Thank you.