Melissa Cribbins will bridge the great divide

We urge you to vote for Melissa Cribbins for State Senate District 5. As our state senator, we believe Melissa will “work across the aisle” in Salem for the benefit of all in our coastal communities.

Growing up in the rural logging town of Coquille, and in her service as a Coos County Commissioner, Melissa has developed a strong understanding of our rural towns and settlements. She knows that our small businesses keep our coastal communities humming. She also recognizes the importance of forestry jobs here. Melissa understands the interdependence of people within our communities and within our state; her work with the Association of Oregon Counties demonstrates this. Rather than stir up “urban vs. rural”, “logger vs. environmentalist”, “resident vs. tourist” resentments, Melissa will listen to and work constructively with all of her constituents as well as her cohorts in the state senate. She will strive to balance our economic and quality-of-life needs. She will not walk out of the state senate when tough votes come up, but instead will work with Democrats and Republicans to create legislation, support programs and get funding to address the needs of Senate District 5. To learn more about Melissa, see her website at

PS Vote early and use the ballot drop box!

– Sonya Kazen and Fred Bassett, Cloverdale