MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES: Rockaway Beach Honors Fallen Veterans May 30, 2022

By Robin Swain

With blue sky on the horizon, volunteers anxiously waited for the rain to pass so they could set up the memorial for our Fallen Veterans. Flowers and table setting were placed around the Veterans Memorial at Ocean Edge wayside in downtown Rockaway Beach.
At 9:30am, Master of Ceremonies Rick Cheek, broadcast the Star-Spangled Banner as the USCG Color Guard Tillamook Bay Station, raised the Flag. Mayor Sue Wilson welcomed everyone with a heartfelt remembrance to our Veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Heads bowed as Pastor Justin McMahan from Living Water Fellowship, delivered the opening prayer.

Mr. Cheek then introduced Nicholas Torres, Veterans Service Officer for Tillamook County. Mr. Torres is an Afghanistan Campaign Veteran. He informed us that 2,500, approximately 10 percent of Tillamook County, consists of veterans. He gave a history of Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day. He then read the names of Tillamook County Veterans who died in the past year (see list of Veterans below). The list was long for such a small county.

(L to R) City Councilor Mary McGinnis, City Councilor Penny Cheek, Mayor Sue Wilson, USCG SA McReaken, Nicholas Torres-Tillamook County Veterans Officer, Pastor Justin McMahan, City Councilor Terry Walhood

Mike Kingsbury was then introduced. Mr. Kingsbury is a Vietnam Veteran, 1st Infantry Division Recon Platoon. He reminded everyone that over one million Americans have died for our country and freedom. “One million is a number. It’s real easy to say wow and move on. But every one of those numbers has a name. It’s important to remember that”. Mr. Kingsbury went on to mention the names of four of his friends that did not make it home. He then read part of a poem, “We Remember Them” by Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jack Riemer.

Pastor McMahon led the closing prayer for those who gave the ultimate and the families they left behind. He concluded with a verse from Issai:61 followed by a moment of silence. TAPS sounded over The Oceans Edge for those who are gone but not forgotten.

Here is a video of the presentation:

List of Tillamook County Veterans deceased from May, 2021 until May of 2022

Name Branch

Kenneth James Dickey Navy

Keith Allen Pierce Nat’l Guard

Max Hurliman Swiss Military

Walter Franklin Pepper Army

Robert Truman Horton Air Force

Thomas W. Villeneuve Unknown

Theodore Paul Jacob Air Force

Richard Clarence Anderson Navy

Charles Edward Ward Navy

Frank Arthur Martin Coast Guard

Richard Lester Blum Air Force

Bennie L. Anderson Air Force

Richard Peter Kofoed Army

Philip Martin McMahon Air Force/Nat’l Guard

Arthur Raymond Lyon III Coast Guard

Lawrence Arnold Young Army

Robert Louis Zuercher Marine Corps

Raymond Leon Barrett Navy

Leonard Leroy Langley Sr. Army

Joe Noegel Jr. Navy

Sterling Marshall Anderson Army

William Patrick Loughlin Army

Glen Rose Army

Gisela Gerda Quincy Army

Leo Wesley Utterback Army

Carl Edward Burt Marine Corps

Harold John Niederer Air Force

Scott Allen Trant Army

Philip Edward Bourbeau Jr. Coast Guard

Calvin Roy Getty Navy

John Michael Bucklin Air Force

Thomas John Michael Moore Sr. Air Force

George Joseph Hurliman Nat’l Guard/Army Reserves

Don Wray Gibson Air Force

Charles Ernest Curl Sr. Army

Wallace A. Faulhaber Navy

Peter William Dorsett Navy

Francis E. Eaton Sr. Marine Corps

Roy Hubert Peterson Army

Thomas Lorn Edwards Army

Michael Lee Spence Navy

Donny Frank Meyers Unknown

James Walter Allenbrand Army

Johnney Duane Dietrich Army

William Roger Ferdig Army

Robert Leroy Herington Navy

Michael J. Boland Nat’l Guard

Robin Dale Smith Navy

Michael Schmitz Coast Guard

Richard Allen Flory Marine Corps

Kenneth Duane Norman Air Force

Thomas Malcolm Jones Jr. Air Force

Larry Barton Coffelt Army

Bruce Warren Bayley Army

Robert Earl Henry Army

William Dale Buck Army

George Wallace Hayes Navy

Ernest Ray Glover Navy

Larry Alvin Woodworth Navy

James M. Cooper Army

James DeForest Bennett Jr. Navy

Rolland Leonard Dawson Army

Allan Gary Smith Army

Mack R. Hunt Army

Robert Everitt Mickey Army

Frank William Hutchins Navy

Buddy Ball Marine Corps

Ronald Randolph Navy

Jeffry Jay Hunter Unknown

Robert John Mekkers Army