Constance carries aplomb*.
Constance Shimek is the best candidate for NCRD Board seat 5 to lead the community into the future. Constance has a vision of an NCRD that includes all of our residents. She has had increasing presence and participation since she and her husband settled here 14 years ago. My wife recognized her drive and helped focus her into the Nehalem Bay Garden Club and Friends of NCRD. Constance’s detail oriented mind and friendly, competent demeanor inspire successful events with all participants feeling satisfaction from a job well done. As my wife’s community participation has waned due to her disabling MS, Constance has picked up the challenge of community improvement. A community institution is like a relay race where we must pass the baton to keep going forward. VOTE Constance Shimek for NCRD board seat 5.
Sincerely, Ken Hill, Wheeler

*Definition of aplomb – Self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.