Misleading letter from Tillamook Sheriff

Dear Editor,
This week I opened my mail box to find an outrageous letter from the Tillamook County Sheriff. The letter is an endorsement of Suzanne Weber and infers that Debbie Boothe-Schmidt will defund the police.
It doesn’t say who paid for these letters to go out but it is curious that the Sheriff is using his official title and Suzanne Weber’s PO box as the return address. During the Seaside debate Weber admitted her campaign paid for the mailing of the letter. Does Weber support elected officials misusing their positions of power?
Not only was the funding behind this letter not clear but the letter contains outright lies. Debbie Boothe-Schmidt worked in our criminal justice system at the Clatsop County District Attorney’s office for 23 years. She has never said she wants to defund the police and inferring it is absolutely ridiculous. Their claim that Debbie is supported by a group that wants to defund the police is also misleading. Debbie is endorsed by the local group Indivisible North Coast who has not made a statement about defunding the police. The group who has made a statement about defunding the police is Indivisible National who has their own endorsement process and have not endorsed Debbie. I am tired of politicians like Suzanne Weber spreading misinformation for political points.
I would be outraged if our Sheriff in Clatsop County was using his position to lie to citizens. Weber continues to try and mislead us. Please join me in voting for Debbie Boothe-Schmidt next week when we get our ballots.
Tamra Taylor