“More than a Gym” Tillamook YMCA Gradually Reopens


By Kaylan Sisco, CEO/Executive Director Tillamook County Family YMCA
Wellness means so much more than physical fitness. In fact, “More than a gym” has been the Y’s tag line since 2010. A phrase that was never more appropriate than over the past 12 weeks. While the doors were closed, our hearts, eyes and ears were open. We were watching and listening for opportunities to be involved in our community to help keep people well during a time when our facility was not available. Thanks to the support of our members and donors, we carried our community-caring torch by volunteering many of our staff in different ways to support community members in need. Now, “gyms” have received the green light to partially re-open, we are approaching re-opening our facility with our own guiding principles, coupled with the state’s guidance.

We are using a unique lens to filter our reopening decisions. This lens was developed with local, regional and national support from experts in multiple fields to allow us to make informed decisions around four guiding principles: Safe Spaces, Healthy Communities, Equipped Leaders, and being an Adaptable Organization.
This means that we will filter decisions through a matrix to ensure that decisions are well thought out, vetted if possible, and keep us on the safest, most effective track to a stronger community. I wanted to explain this process so that everyone understands that every move we make is made with intention and not made in a knee-jerk fashion. Additionally, if you already know my organizational style, I like to be as transparent as possible in all that we do.
However, even with the countless hours of virtual meetings, phone calls, research, case studies, and articles; it is not going to be perfect. We will make mistakes. All we ask for is a little grace, patience and flexibility (hopefully you have been stretching). To sum it up, we will give you our best, and ask that you give us yours.

What you can expect when the Y reopens June 1st:
Open Monday-Friday 5am-9pm
CLOSED SAT/SUN for deep cleaning.

Physical distancing will be enforced and capacity restrictions in spaces will be enforced.

Members and guests ARE NOT required to wear masks, you may if you like.

You will be asked a series of symptom questions prior to entering the Y.

Fitness Center will be open – you will receive a bottle of 99% IAH (alcohol) to use for the duration of your workout and return it when you leave the Y. Members are expected to wipe down their own equipment and rack their own weights.

Basketball Courts and racquetball courts will be open – no contact sports, household play or solo play only, no sharing of equipment.

Track will be open.

Small studios will be closed.

Bring a water bottle and be dressed to workout (Water fountains and lockers will be unavailable).

Initially, there will be no childcare or child watch; no children under 12 years old without direct supervision.
The pools will reopen on Monday June 15th for therapy/classes; no group/family swims at this phase
Sauna, Showers are closed.
Thank you for being flexible, patient and most of all, supportive of your local YMCA. We can’t wait to see you again!
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