More Volunteers Needed to Staff CARE Warming Center in Tillamook

The Tillamook Warming Center, sponsored by CARE and located at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, is getting ready, and hoping to open soon for another season.  But more volunteers are needed to operate the overnight warming center. With Winter-like temperatures looming, organizers are once again asking the community to rally around those experiencing homelessness during the potentially life threating weather that is part of our winters here on the coast.
With five seasons under their belts, organizers have been able to open their doors fairly consistently during those times of high need.
But in order for them to continue, they said they need the community’s help.
They are in need of a solid 40 to 50 volunteers to staff the warming center for it to be successful. They currently have only 18 volunteers, which will make it difficult for them to keep the doors open when the weather becomes life threatening.
With 50 volunteers, organizers said they can reliably provide a place of safety during those harsh winter days that come at us sometimes three-to-five days in row. So if you have the time, consider calling CARE at 503-842-5261, or drop by their office at 2310 First Street for an application.
“Something I heard recently speaks to that gift of helping,” Paul J. Hernandez, volunteer, said, “‘When we are working for the good of others we are ensuring our own well being.’ So please come join us and be a part of this community life-saving program.”