Multi-Partisan PAC Formed

(Tillamook County, Oregon) A unique Political Action Committee has recently organized in the County. A Just Right formed a little more than a month ago and has raised over $3,600 of their goal of $5,000. Funds will be used on a county-wide awareness campaign to oppose a measure on the upcoming May 17th ballot.
A spokesperson for the committee shared the impetus for organizing; “The loudest voices in politics are on the far right and far left and they are in the minority. For too long, they have represented us all without our consent. It has led to extremism. It does not appear that leadership from any party will take the initiative to address the situation. We are simply a group of concerned citizens that have wildly varying views on many things. But we all agree that the divisiveness in our country and county stems from the pull from both sides. Therefore, we are actively stepping into the middle.”

They went on to say that the name, A Just Right, was chosen because “we fundamentally believe in the Constitution and the privileges and protections it affords all citizens and residents of the United States. We have gathered together to protect a right that is just and true while also opposing a measure that pretends to protect it. The measure title is a lie and we will not use it. Many of us are gun owners. We believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. If ever it were threatened, we would fight to defend it. In essence, that’s what we’re doing now.

We also chose the name because it sounds like adjust right. We are asking some folks to adjust TO the right a bit. We are asking that they recognize that even those we disagree with deserve to be heard. Let us find appreciation for one another and this includes our differences.

The same term can be applied in a totally different way. Some members of our group describe themselves as the descendants of ‘proud Lincoln Republicans.’ They have been burdened with the consequences brought on by extremists and are stepping up to reject the affiliation. We are asking the GOP to take responsibility for the members of their party and make changes; adjust THE Right.

Ultimately just right is a situation where we can all be comfortable. It’s a place to rest. We need that.”

The PAC intends to offer messaging throughout the county with large scale awareness campaigns, voter outreach and education, listening sessions, and direct communication with our representatives. With newspapers that reach less than a quarter of Tillamook County and limited Internet coverage people tend to rely on word-of-mouth for information. “This is where rhetoric and inaccuracies thrive,” says the spokesperson. The PAC is committed to ensure that every household in the county is reached and every voter is empowered with knowledge and clarity.

MISSION ONE: Defeat Tillamook County Measure 29-161.

You can read the entire ordinance, hear a podcast on a similar measure that failed in Clatsop County, read some good articles, and donate at a