Multiple Agencies Respond to Fire Near Fishhawk Lake, Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD Friday Night Oct. 14th; Oregon Dept. of Forestry Takes Over as Fire Grows to Over 85 Acres Oct. 15th in Clatsop State Forest

Yesterday evening, Mist-Birkenfeld Rural Fire Protection District posted on social media – “There is an active brushfire on Fishhawk Loop Road off of Greasy Spoon Road. Avoid the area. We will provide updates as soon as possible.” See below for map of the area, and photos from Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD>
Here is the most recent update as the Oregon Department of Forestry crews and local fire departments continue to work on containment:
Oct. 15th – Update 1:30 PM: Helicopters have begun drafting water out of Fishhawk Lake – friendly reminder to keep off the water near the dam to give them space to drop their buckets.
Oct. 15th – Update 11:45 AM: Fire continues to spread. ODF crews are continuing to arrive and we were notified beginning very shortly 2-3 helicopters will begin drafting water out of Fishhawk Lake. If you live on the Lake, please do not use personal watercraft on the dam side of the lake until further notice to allow for space for the helicopters to drop their buckets. We would like to reiterate there are no threats to the Fishhawk Lake Community or any structures at this time and we do not anticipate any evacuation notices will need to be issued. Please keep out of the area of the fire so crews can work safely and help keep roads clear as conditions can change very quickly.
Saturday Oct. 15th Update 8:15AM: The fire is currently estimated to be approximately 80 acres. Mist-Birkenfeld Fire Chief Kaczenski and some of our very dedicated volunteers remain on scene with ODF. ODF is currently assembling a Type 3 team with more resources coming. Despite the extremely close proximity, there is currently no threat to the Fishhawk Lake community or any structures elsewhere at this time.

Here’s the area of the fire:

Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD Fire off Greasy Spoon Road, October 14, 2022

(Updates throughout the night from Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD)
October 15th – Update 4:30 AM: Fire has grown to approximately 35 acres.
October 15th – Update 12:39 AM: Fire has grown to approximately 15 acres and has entered into the timber.
October 14th – Update 11:13 PM: Fire is still burning, however, it remains contained to the same general area. Many agencies have begun clearing off. Mist-Birkenfeld and ODF will remain on scene through the night to watch the fire and ODF will have more crews here at daybreak for mop up or additional containment if necessary. The terrain is too steep and dangerous to get on all sides of it at this time in the dark but we will continue to monitor to make sure it does not pose a threat to our district members. 
October 14th – Update 9:33 PM: More agencies have arrived to help. The fire is still burning but it’s spread has significantly slowed. The fire is approximately 1 mile NE of Fishhawk Lake as the crow flies but at this time there are no threats to homes in the community. Still approximately 2 acres in size.
Update 8:12 PM The fire is approximately 2 acres on very steep terrain. We are working with multiple agency partners with more on their way. We are currently being assisted by Vernonia Rural Fire Protection District, Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District, Scappoose Fire District, Columbia River Fire & Rescue, Westport Fire and Rescue- Oregon and Oregon Department of Forestry.

Here are some video from Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD of the fire: