My Review of a Great Local Book, Available at Cloud & Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita: A Revealing Look Into Journalism

By David Dillon, Manzanita, Oregon
(and former owner/editor of the North Coast Citizen, and contributor to the Tillamook County Pioneer)

Lori Tobias’ “Storm Beat” provides a revealing look into the craft of journalism and the lives of those who practice it
It’s not the stories behind the stories, but the story behind the person who had to research and write each one – no matter the level of heartbreak involved for the witnesses or families of the victims.
It’s a particularly difficult craft when you’re a member of the community where the incidents happened. The words may be objective but the impact on the writer is personal.
Stories don’t write themselves. Somebody with a brain and heart has to step in to sort and sift through the facts, suss out the essentials, and produce a cohesive narrative.

Long-term Oregon coast residents will remember a lot of the stories in “Storm Beat.” Lori stayed busy and kept good notes.
This is a great book not only for Oregonians, but also for people interested in what may be a dying art – serving as a local community newspaper journalist.
Having been the editor of a small town newspaper, also on the Oregon Coast, I admired Lori’s work. She ran with the big dogs of journalism. By comparison, I ran with the ankle biters.
“Storm Beat” is a great book and a great read.