Myss Moonbeam: Tarot Card Readings – April Guidance

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By Myss Moonbeam
Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
The base of the situation facing fire signs who are drawn to this reading is the 7 of disks (also known as Coins or Pentacles). This earth energy is representative of the physical world and the practical steps needed to achieve real world goals. This card suggests that many fire signs are feeling the pinch of layoffs and taking this energy to heart, feeling like the hard work you’ve put towards your progress has been stalled. What is crossing this energy is the 5 of swords. Swords represent air or thought. This placement suggests that there is a mental feeling of defeat around the struggle to progress towards a goal. The nature of the issue as it progresses from the past to the future is rooted in the magician. The magician in this position suggests that this is the beginning of a long journey of the soul. Crowning the situation or the overarching energy is the princess of swords. This card represents the impulsive nature of the mind, a youthful and playful energy of receiving guidance through divine inspiration. The base of the situation or what is grounding the subject is the Knight of Disks, which is a slow moving energy towards a goal. The future energy is the 5 of disks, or worry. This card suggests being left out and feeling isolated. So what does this mean? I’m pretty sure I don’t need to spell that out for you but here is the gist. You’re feeling powerless, isolated, and worried about your job. Notice that your element didn’t show up in your own reading? What spirit is reminding you of is that this is a mind-set issue. Consider looking at your individual situation from an alternative perspective. We’re all going through it! Take this moment to look at how you can cultivate your personal power and be patient. The things you’re worrying about presently will make you stronger if you’re able to tap into your own inner magician. Keep looking up! This too shall pass.

Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo Capricorn
The base of the situation in April for our Earth signs is the 2 of Wands (also known as staves or rods). This is fire energy and the card of Mars in Aries. It represents using your will power to achieve a goal, but this card also represents abuse of power and a loss of control. There are two energies that are causing this, two Queens, of cups and swords, both reversed. This suggests that the power struggle is between your head and your heart not getting what they need because you’re not receptive. The energy of the past that brought you to this point is the knight of wands, a brash and impulsive energy, or a flash in the pan. This energy seems that it was taken away and the void left you feeling drained and powerless. The crowning energy is the prince of swords which represents a decisive and swift thought to cut something out of your life. But it isn’t a complete thought, not a mature thought. The base of the situation is the princess of cups reversed suggesting that this has left you feeling empty. What the future may hold should you do nothing to transmute these events is the Ace of Swords reversed. This energy indicates that you’re stuck on a thinking pattern that isn’t healthy. The meaning behind this reading will be clarified by noting that there is not one card representing the Earth signs. This suggests that you’re putting too much time and thought into other people, and that you need to take care of yourself first in order to heal from this experience. By looking inward you’ll be able to flip those reversals and step into your power. Earth signs get out of your head and take care of your heart! Stay well and know you are loved.

Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
April looks great for the air signs but there are some MAJOR shifts coming your way, especially in the department of feeling spiritually connected to your source. The base of the situation is the karmic card of the 8 of Disks crowned with the 4 of wands reversed. This suggests that the thing you’ve been waiting for is on its way, you just need to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a forest takes multiple human lifetimes to grow. But with the Universe grounding you nothing will be able to stop you in April. What your past energy is telling you, the 5 of Cups reversed, is to not take anything for granted. What you feel like a loss is actually your spirit guides keeping you from going down a path that would make you feel deeply unhappy. But your need for stability and partnership as represented by the 2 of Cups in your receptive energy and the 2 of Wands in your projecting energy is suggesting that you are pushing people away. What’s all this about? Consider looking at how you show up to the world? What are you nurturing right now? In order to receive you also need to give. If you put all that fire energy into the world you might be burning some bridges that were meant to help you cross turbulent waters. Try being a bit more patient in April!

Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
I’m not going to lie, April might appear tough, but this is going to help you to understand what you really need to be happy, and the things that are coming to an end are for your highest and greatest good. The 4 of Wands energy in the middle of all of this indicates that you’re looking for happiness, and not the type of happiness that comes from things, but the kind that comes from finding your purpose. But the sun reversed in the crowning position indicates that you’re not there yet. April is going to be about letting go of your rigid beliefs regarding what makes you happy as indicated by the 6 of disks reversed in the base situation. All your energy is blocked at the moment but spirit is telling you to dig into your passions as suggested by the 10 of swords reversed in your future situation. Identify those activities that make you feel a zeal for life and do more of those things, you can make lemonade out of lemons! If you are stuck on the idea that you’re not worthy of love don’t take this as a universal truth! Spirit is telling you that what you’re receiving energy-wise is bunk, but it’s temporary. It’s also asking you to be more confident and recognize that you’ve taken a bad situation and turned it completely around. So even though you feel like everything around you is crumbling, know that you’re doing your best. If you want to get out of your funk try connecting to your sacral, creative chakra. Best your inner demons by embracing your inner artist, make something truly special to you and you’ll be able to unblock that stuck energy.