National Garbageman Day June 17

No matter where you live, if you have garbage service, you have a garbageman or woman. One of the many thankless jobs in the world we live in, these hard-working people devote their working lives to hauling off all you throw away. Working early hours, in all weather, and handling all the yuckiest of yucky stuff, these folks certainly deserve their own holiday!
Their efforts help keep our homes and neighborhoods free of excessive garbage which not only looks nasty, it attracts rodents and other animals that carry diseases and wreak havoc on our homes.

The five Tillamook County garbage haulers and three transfer stations managed our 27,325 TONS* of waste. The local haulers are: Nestucca Valley Sanitary Service, City Sanitary Service, Oceanside Sanitary Service, R-Sanitary Service and, Recology-Western Oregon. Let’s take the opportunity this week to let them know how much we appreciate their hard work.
Visit this website for more information about National Garbageman Day