NCRD – Wellness Options for North County

Dear Editor,
We have a wonderful option for wellness in North County. It offers opportunities for physical, social and emotional wellness. It is a home away from home for our youth with programs for kids of all ages. I am speaking of NCRD, The North County Recreation District.

For my self, at age 72, attending “ Stretch and Balance Class’, along with “Weight Lifting for Seniors” has enabled me to easily walk up and down stairs and get up from the floor when I kneel down to get stuff out of my cupboards or wash the floor. I have taken a few falls and I am sure that the Tai Chi classes have enabled me to fall and receive only minor injuries. Swimming provides a great cardio workout that doesn’t aggravate my arthritis. Many folks due aqua aerobics and water walking to keep their joints moving. It is cheaper then paying Doctors Bills! It is also the only place for our children to learn how to swim as no one has pools and we are surrounded by water.
The Theater, Auditorium and Meeting Rooms are constantly used for many community functions. Classes offer opportunities to learn something new, share with other folks and expand horizons. Scholarships are offered thru “Friends of NCRD.”
I strongly encourage everyone to Vote YES for the NCRD Option Tax. It is vital for community if we want to stay physically, emotionally and socially active.
Dianne R Bloom
Retired Nurse
Nehalem OR