Nehalem Bay Health District Board Vacancy – The Rest of the Story …

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Perhaps you saw the recent announcement for a Board Vacancy on the Nehalem Bay Health District. If you wondered why there was a vacancy so soon after the May election, here’s the rest of this story. The Board, at it’s last meeting on June 15, appointed current board member Jennifer Angelus to replace the “CEO” David Godsey, who recently resigned. (They did not advertise for this job opening). Ms. Angelus then had to resign her position on the board, creating a vacancy. At this same board meeting, the board was poised to appoint Ted Weissbach, who lost to Lynda Chick in the May election, to the vacancy created by Ms. Angelus’ resignation. Thankfully, members of the public who were present were able to convince the board to have a more open and democratic process to fill the vacancy. Time is very limited, as the board wants to appoint someone to this position at a meeting they intend to hold on July 3. They have not provided any criteria for how they will determine who is qualified for this position. If you have any interest in serving on this board, please submit your name with a letter of interest and a resume by June 27, 2017 to Nehalem Bay Health District, PO Box 6, Wheeler, OR 97147 or electronically to  Mr. Weissbach lost the last election, and your vote should matter. Let’s give this board some choices!
 If you have concerns about this process, please do one or all of the following things right away:
 1. Send an email to or call 503-368-5119 to express your concern with the rapidity of this decision and ask them to reconsider to allow more individuals to apply for the vacancy.
 2. Contact the members of the board directly – they don’t provide their personal emails but here is a list of the current board members. Perhaps you know how to reach them:
Larry Zagata
Joel Sacks
Tom Mock
Ted Weissbach
 3. Plan to attend the Board meeting scheduled for July 3 – they haven’t shared the time or place for this meeting yet but they usually post a meeting notice in the Post Offices in Wheeler, Nehalem and Manzanita. 

Patricia L. Johnson, PhD