Nehalem Bay Health District Strategic Planning Schedule

The public is invited and encouraged to attend any session. Initial meetings in June and July will be held at the district’s office at 278 Rowe Street in Wheeler, Oregon. Meetings will begin at 7:00 pm

June 2018
• June 5 – Regular board meeting • Ongoing: Presentations on the development of a district strategic plan and district challenges to Manzanita, Wheeler and Nehalem city councils, Tillamook County Commission and potentially others to request participation and ideas.
• June 19: Information and listening session focused on the old hospital building and likely Food Bank and tenant relocation needs.
• June 26: Information and listening session focused on the Rinehart Clinic building and future needs.

July 2018
• July 3 – Regular board meeting
• July 11 – Information and listing session focused on the Nehalem Valley Care Center facility and future needs.

August 2018
• August 7 – Regular board meeting
• Week of August 20 – Potential community visioning session that addresses, among other issues: o Future mission of the district o Addressing unmet community health needs o Issues and opportunities related to current district assets o How to improve the district’s collaboration/partnerships?

September 2018
• September 4 – Regular board meeting
• Week of September 10 –Board convenes additional public visioning session(s)
• Board prepares “draft” strategic plan for the health district and schedules public meeting(s) for feedback and refinement

October 2018
• October 2- Regular board meeting

November 2018
• November 6 – Regular board meeting
• Adoption of district strategic plan