Netarts Oceanside Fire Responds to Wildfire Started by Beach Fire Wednesday Night August 4th, Crews Contained and Controlled Fire Overnight

Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) fire crews are currently working a small wildfire north of Oceanside in the Radar Rd. area. The call was dispatched Wednesday night at 10:50 pm and Netarts-Oceanside Fire District, Tillamook Fire District and Bay City Fire Department initially responded.
“We responded directly to the scene with Tillamook Fire, and Bay City Fire went to our station and covered emergency calls for our district,” said NOFD Chief Tim Carpenter. “Our crews kept the fire under control all night until daylight, when ODF could send crews to take over.”
“It is believed that the fire started from a beach fire in some driftwood, which then spread, but it is still under investigation. Deputies from Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office were great and they notified all residents in the area of the fire and that there was a possibility of an evacuation if the fire spread,” said Chief Carpenter. “The last report I have is that ODF has the fire ‘trailed’ and under control and that no residences or structures are in danger. Tomorrow they will check for any remaining hotspots.”

TCSO would like to commend ODF fire crews and the mostly volunteer firefighters that leave their homes and their families, no matter the time of day, to help protect and keep our community safe. They are truly heroes in our eyes. They can always use more volunteers, so please consider contacting your local Tillamook County fire district and sign up to help. (photos courtesy of NOFD Division Chief Jamie McCamman)