New Energy, Creating Space that Welcomes All! Vote for Constance Shimek for NCRD Board

Hey everyone!
I don’t normally jump into anything regarding politics online but for my good neighbor Constance Shimek I am happy to be able to do so!
If you are voting for the NCRD board then please throw your vote over to Constance for a spot!
She is a wonderful person, neighbor and loves this place we all call home so much.
She is one of those rare people that can talk to anyone regardless of their politics (and that’s getting rarer these days!). She has always been exceptionally kind and helpful to our little farm and business out here on Hwy 53. She loves to jump in and lend a hand whenever she can- even when it involves digging out blackberries!
Our awesome community rec. center would be in good hands with her on the board and I know she would do her best to keep the NCRD full of programs and spaces that serve all of us.

I’m sure everyone running for the board are good people- but I personally would love to see Constance given an opportunity to serve. New energy and ideas are what we need coming out of this crazy pandemic and to help us re-think the ways we live in community with each other.
Here’s to a fresh start and to creating a wellness, arts, education and gathering space that everyone feels welcome in!
Vote Constance Shimek for NCRD board position 5!
with love,
Ginger Edwards
North Fork 53 Tea