New Life for Kilchis House: A Community Asset of Supportive Housing – CARE to Sell Property to Tillamook Family Counseling Center

Tillamook, OR- Last week, the CARE Board of Directors entered into an agreement with Tillamook Family Counseling Center’s (TFCC) Board of Directors for the sale of the former Kilchis House property in Tillamook, OR. TFCC plans to provide affordable, permanent supportive housing for individuals who struggle with significant behavioral health challenges. This will provide a stable housing option with mental health support services accessible on-site for residents. This program is made possible through an allocation by the Oregon Legislature (House Bill 5202) to the Oregon Health Authority. Using this allocation of state General Funds, OHA’s grant awards to Oregon counties specifically targets and supports the development of local behavioral health housing options. After the sale’s closing and Oregon Housing and Community Services approval, the launch of the new program is expected to begin following some minor renovations to the building.

“Right now, many people with severe and persistent mental illness struggle to find housing and to stay housed because of their illness,” states Frank Hanna-Williams, Executive Director of TFCC, “This new project means that many more people will not face homelessness and will have a place where they can get the support they need.” The new TFCC program at the former Kilchis House will include up to 30 units of affordable rental housing for those with significant behavioral health challenges. “We are so excited to be working with TFCC on this project” comments Peter Starkey, CARE’s Executive Director. “CARE and TFCC have a strong partnership and collaboration between our programs, and we are excited
to continue working with TFCC on this new endeavor.”
After a long and rigorous process of reviewing the financial performance of CARE’s assisted living facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CARE Board of Directors made the difficult decision to close the Kilchis House and the Nehalem Bay House earlier this year. “While we have been working to find a new owner for Kilchis House, we have focused on identifying a buyer whose mission and use aligns with CARE’s mission to create more healthy and resilient communities in Tillamook County,” comments Dusti Linnell, Chair of the CARE Board, “TFCC’s plan aligns perfectly with that mission.”
CARE continues to explore the future of the former Nehalem Bay House property. Both properties are restricted to seniors and those with disabilities under the terms of Elderly Bond that originally funded the development of these properties in the mid-1990s. Linnell assures, “We will continue our process of maximizing the potential of Nehalem Bay House for the community.” Please like CARE on Facebook
@TillamookCARE and @TillamookFamilyCounselingCenter to receive updates and information as this process unfolds.