New Moon In Gemini asks us to lighten up!

By Madame Dana Zia
A precocious New Moon in Gemini is birthed in the wee hours of the morning today at 12-13 degrees square altruistic Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. This is prime time to listen to the wind and see what it speaks to you. It carries a message for you but it is quiet and flirtatious and you need to listen to hear it.
Gemini embodies curiosity, creative genius, quick wit, intelligence and an ever seeking mind, roaming constantly for the answers to Goddess knows what but someday that Gemini just.might.need. that information. Gemini rules all things written, spoken or involving language such as communication, music and literature.

When the Moon’s shadow side is facing Earth, we have a New Moon. It isn’t reflecting the Sun’s radiance and with the sky dark, the Stars come out to play! In the vein of “as above so below” the New Moon is an excellent time to star gaze within your own soul. With the Moon cloaked in shadow, it is a powerful time to focus inward on the places in our lives that get easily lost in the light and busy-ness.
With this New Moon being in Gemini along with the Sun, paying attention to your words, whether spoken, written or thought are of great importance. Inner dialog is particularly interesting, as it is like listening to the wind, easily ignored but is a dynamic that is always present and runs our life.
Neptune is squaring this dark Moon and is cloaking Her in a deeper way with the call to within. Gemini loves to investigate the mysteries of the analytical mind in all its forms. With this curious, highly intelligent sign in the shadow, there will be the desire to “think” your way out of this or overcommit to going faster. If that is how you play out this Moon, you might very well meet with the sacred clown of this sign, and find yourself upside down in the mud.
With Gemini having a direct link to the creative muse within us, this New Moon window is also a fantastic time to reconnect with your creativity, which is in that quiet inward place. Experiment, do something different, maybe even something forbidden, and voila! A breakthrough occurs! Ha! Ha! We are released! The world is created anew.
Most of all, have fun with this new Moon and don’t take yourself, your schedule or the world too seriously.
It always has the last laugh.