New Moon In Virgo: Dark night of the soul

By Madame Dana Zia
The Moon disappears from our skies completely on September 17th at 4am PT. Not that this is anything new for the West Coast where we’ve been hunkered down under a thick blanket of smoke that has blotted everything out of the sky, including the Sun and Moon, but the Night of the 17th will be even darker — dark night of the soul. But we must remember that it gets darkest right before the dawn of light and I feel that is what this New Moon is.

Virgo is the only sign in the Zodiac that is represented by a Goddess. She holds a sheath of wheat in one hand and a scepter of healing/harvesting in the other. She is the Mother Goddess of the Universe, She is whole onto herself. She is Mother Nature who brought forth all of life, all order and structure. The Goddess is a virgin under the original meaning that She gave birth to all existence by Herself, from within Herself, out of Herself.
We are experiencing the great and awe-inspiring force of Mother Nature right now as our Earth seems to be rebelling against all the exploitation of her body. She is expressing her displeasure; fires are burning, hurricanes and intense storms are lashing out, and a tiny little virus has been let loose on the multitudes bringing us to our knees. She is doing this to heal Herself and ultimately us. We are all tied together, we must thrive together or die together and She is making sure we remember this.
This New Moon is opposed (dynamic polarization) by Neptune the planet of Spirituality and new dreams and vision. It is also trine (harmonic energy) with Saturn, the builder of culture and structures, so even though this New Moon seems like dark night of the soul, it is new beginnings through dreams and vision. Virgo is also the un-tangler of energy and with the flick of her wand, can bring order out of chaos. This chaos is the garden being tilled up and enriched with compost so that new seeds can take root and flourish.
Your job during this New Moon (and Virgo loves a job) is to dig up the weeds in your garden so you can plan for a better future and plant what you want. Take a good hard look at what weeds are growing in there that you are unwittingly allowing and roll up your sleeves and dig them out. Look at your garden plan from micro to macro, from personal to global, in 2 months, 2 years or 10, what do you want to have growing there? Envision it, write it down and get to work at it. This New Moon is ripe and rich with compost to make a beautiful managed garden for yourself and our planet. Virgo is no stranger to hard work because she knows it pays off in great abundance and order. Take heart and don’t be afraid to curate your garden so it grows what you want.