No More Lies

The events of January 6 have been sobering to most. How have we progressed to this? An adage states: “if you tell a lie long enough, you will believe it; if you believe it, you will BE it”. Many have succumbed to “alternative facts”. However, as Vice-President Mike Pence (paraphrasing from Daniel Moynihan) said in his debate with Vice-President elect Kamala Harris: “everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts.”

To begin to repair the division in the country, we must first agree on facts. One is: Joe Biden has been duly elected President in an election without evidence of major, systemic fraud as determined by numerous courts, judges, lawyers (including past Attorney General William Barr) and all state election boards and officials. Members of congress, journalists and media stating otherwise must publicly proclaim the truth. We also must call out those who continue to perpetrate the fraudulent election lie. Only then can we begin to recover our democracy, strive to work together and be citizens of the “United” States of America.
Ron and Maria Patterson
Oceanside, OR