OBITUARY: Christina Hollandsworth – September 30, 1988 – August 27, 2020

Christina Hollandsworth, a truly unparalleled woman, died Thursday August 27th from complications of breast cancer. Tragically she was only 31 years old. Vibrant and full of joy, Christina never fit the part of a cancer patient. In the final months of her life she revealed unfathomable courage and grace. This strength surfaced in an unbreakable willpower and an endless pursuit for the cure to her incurable disease. Yet, even in the face of certain defeat, this courageous mother clang to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless coincidences, but rather a tapestry of events in an exquisite serendipitous plan. Things were clearer for Christina and ultimately, she concluded that life was not to be suffered through but to be enjoyed relentlessly.
She is survived by her beloved husband Andrew Hollandsworth, and her two adorable daughters Penelope Hollandsworth (3), and Georgia Hollandsworth (1). Her amazing parents Gabrielle and Greg Parson, and her dear sister Andrea Parson. Along with so many much-loved family and friends.

Christina was born at Tuality hospital in Hillsboro Oregon on September 30th, 1988. She was raised on Main Street and attended Hillsboro High School. She jokingly referred to herself as “The most Hillsboro person you’ve ever met.” She met Andrew in 2006 and as fate would have it, they were married four years later in Hillsboro on Main Street at the Venetian Theatre. Christina will be laid to rest in Hillsboro exactly 10 years to the day of her wedding anniversary. A serendipitous way to bring beautiful closure to this incredible journey.

In her professional life, Christina was an immensely talented hair stylist. In 2012 Christina and Andrew decided together to move to Los Angeles. While there she opened her own salon in Beverly Hills and lived what was lovingly referred to as her “rebellious phase”. Much to her family’s surprise she ditched her pearls for ink and tattooed most of her right arm. The most prominent of her tattoos is a beautiful compass eternally pointing home to the Northwest.

Being much too far from home and all of their loved ones, Christina and Andrew moved back to Portland Oregon in 2015. In the last five years of her life Christina truly thrived. She had two beautiful daughters and successfully balanced being a full-time stylist and a tremendous mother and wife.

Christina loved fully and in turn will be missed fully. Those who know her best know that she brought laughter with her everywhere she went. She was cheerful, beautiful, and devastatingly cool. We feel sorrow because we felt such joy in her presence. Without a doubt Christina lived her life her way, with not a single care how anyone felt about it. How lucky we all were to get to feel her genuine warmth. And even amongst all of the sadness that comes with losing someone so young and full of life there is also so much joy in the memory of her beautiful dimpled smile. Christina wanted us all to feel that joy.

You will always live on in our hearts my sweet darling girl.

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