OCEANSIDE INCORPORATION FAILS: Oceanside has chosen its future

From Oceansiders United
Tillamook County has posted its first round of election results, with Oceanside’s incorporation measure running behind: 173 votes against to 115 in favor. While there are additional votes to be cast, our analysis is that there are not enough to close this gap. Oceanside has chosen its future.

Those looking back will see this vote as a critical turning point. Over the next 20 years, Oceanside will change and grow. Its commercial area will fill in and be updated, while scores of new homes will be built in existing and new subdivisions to the east of Highway 131/Cape Meares Loop Road – many of them intended as short-term rentals. Meanwhile, Oceanside will be discovered by visitors returning to the Three Capes Scenic Drive. During that time, at current rates, Oceanside’s short-term rentals are projected to generate $20 million in TLT revenue and nearly $2 million short term rental operator’s dues.

With this vote, a majority of Oceanside voters have delivered a clear message that they prefer the County Commissioners, and not a local City Council, to continue to manage our growth, our STR revenue, our roads, and our visitor traffic. This is not the choice we hoped for, but it is one we must respect. Only time can determine its wisdom.

This has been an arduous process for us and for many Oceansiders involved in the incorporation initiative. We cannot adequately express our appreciation for the many times our spirits were lifted and renewed by emails and personal messages expressing gratitude, encouragement and offers of financial support. Our sincere thanks to every one of you!

Finally, given the times, we urge everyone on both sides of the issue to accept this result and move on. While we were surprised and disappointed by some of the tactics employed, it was clear that most Oceansiders voiced support or opposition to the measure as an expression of love and community pride that we share in common. In that vein, some opponents argued that we would not need a City Council if the ONA worked harder, raised more money and was more aggressive in its interactions with the County. We look forward to seeing these opinions matched by action when the ONA seeks new officers, committee volunteers and financial support in the future.

Sharon Brown
Jerry Keene
Blake Marvis
Lead Petitioners, Oceansiders United