Oceanside Incorporation Supported by Family with 100 Years of Community History

Dear Editor,
I am writing to you on behalf of our family whose history in Oceanside dates from the time when my husband’s grandparents purchased one of the first three cottages built in Oceanside in 1923 by the Rosenbergs, and which has been a treasured home, both as vacation spot and as full time residence, over the last 100 years. We care a great deal about the future of Oceanside and have voiced our full support of the proposal to incorporate as the City of Oceanside recently brought by the Oceanside citizens to the Tillamook County Commissioners.

I am in awe of the dedication and diligence with which Jerry Keene and others on the Oceanside committee have explored all the matters pertinent to the proposal, including, very importantly, the financial aspects. They have fully provided information to Oceansiders in hours of online meetings. Members of the Oceanside community have voted to proceed with the incorporation.

My family and I are thoroughly in favor of the incorporation proposal brought by the Oceanside community, and we have encouraged the Tillamook County Commissioners to grant approval of the petition to allow a vote by the citizens on incorporation this coming spring.

We have great fondness for Oceanside based on our family’s connection there for these last 100 years. We believe that the best way to preserve the community of Oceanside as a place that continues to “thrive” as a small but welcoming place will be to let us control our environment and preserve its character for the future, for the good of all.

Marilynn Gordon, on behalf of the Gordon family
Oceanside, Oregon