OCEANSIDE INCORPORATION: There’s enough division in Oceanside without lying to create more

Many Oceansiders recently received an email from “Oceanside True Friends” that included this comment about the fact part-time residents may not vote on the incorporation measure in November: “We wish every Oceansider could vote on the future of Oceanside, but most of our neighbors were excluded through a very deliberate process set in motion by the chief petitioners for incorporation.”
We trust that people are aware that this is not only untrue, but legally impossible. The law only allows people to vote where they reside – on incorporation measures or any other issue. We did not write those laws, and there is no other way to incorporate that we could have used. We certainly did not and could not “exclude” anyone who is legally entitled to vote on it, “deliberately” or otherwise.

The only possible purpose for making such an easily disproved accusation is to provoke resentment by part-time residents against incorporation supporters and distract people from looking at the actual merits of the measure.
All we can do in the face of such divisive tactics is to show our respect for Oceanside voters by trusting in their ability to distinguish between misinformation and information. We will continue to correct the record when necessary and focus on providing voters with factual information for use in making their own informed decision about the best way for our community to manage growth, roads and short term rentals going forward.
That is why local voters will soon receive an “Oceanside Voters Guide” from us in the mail. It outlines the reasons for considering incorporation at this time and the research that went into designing the proposal. It also objectively describes the costs and benefits and offers ways to access further information. Finally, it includes information, messages and contact information from featured candidates for the Oceanside City Council. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions that may arise between now and Election Day.
Jerry Keene
Blake Marvis
Sharon Brown
Chief Petitioners
Oceansiders United