“Ode to Eclipse” — DDD & SEH

by Virginia Prowell (8-9-2017)

   Two years ago, I wrote a poem about the Calendar Family, referring to August as the step child, because nothing of importance happens in August.
   Now I must retract my words and apologize to this month.
August, you are gaining the recognition that you deserve and may become as famous as “Washington Crossing the Delaware” or The Gettysburg Address. 
   On the 21st, you may be known as DDD (Double Dawn Day) or SEH (Solar Eclipse Hysteria).
   It has been 99 years since a Total Solar Eclipse has crossed the entire US, from Oregon to South Carolina; however, there have been partial eclipse in between that have been observed here on the west coast and I’ve witnessed them. There was mention of them on the radio (old fashioned news media) and I remember the chickens went to roost early that day.
   The publicity that this phenomenon has generated is beyond belief.  In my 92 years of living I have never seen so much hype over a Solar Eclipse.  Yes, it is a rare occasion and is worthy of note and observation; but, the length of hysteria that the population is going to is sheer nonsense.  Hey, folks, it is only going to last three minutes!
   For all those people who have spent hundreds of dollars more than the normal rate for hotels and motels, my sincere hope for you is that it won’t be a foggy, cloudy day.
    For the millions of people who have purchased those special sun glasses, save them.  In the year 2024 there is going to be another solar eclipse, but save your money because you’ll have to travel much farther south for this one!  Have a great DDD and a SEH!