OP/ED: Independent Party candidate Brian P. Halvorsen asks for your vote by May 15

For Oregon voters in House District 32, there will be only one name on the Independent Party of Oregon primary ballot: Brian P. Halvorsen. The Independent Party began holding primaries in 2016 and 2018 will be the first election voters in the 32nd District will have the chance to vote for a registered Independent.

Oregon voters should see their ballots in their mail over the next couple days and they need to be returned by Tuesday, May 15.
Halvorsen is a resident of Rockaway Beach and his ancestral roots in the district includes a family homestead in rural Clatsop County. He’s running as an Independent because as he says, “politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties are too beholden to campaign donors, not the voters”.
On September 10, 2017, Halvorsen was the first candidate to file for the Oregon House District 32 race. On why he’s running, he said, “I wanted to give people who are disenfranchised by the two-party system a candidate to vote for.”
The three main tenets of Halvorsen’s platform are reversing income inequality, enacting campaign finance reform and protecting our environment. On campaign finance reform, Halvorsen has vocally refused corporate and dark money donations. Instead his campaign is fueled by grassroots donations from ordinary people. If elected, he’ll champion limits on campaign donations and expenditures. As a result, it will lower the barrier for non-wealthy candidates to run for office and will reduce the influence of state and national special interest groups that pour money into local elections.
You can find out more about Halvorsen’s campaign, including his entire platform and policy positions, at brianfororegonhouse.com