OP/ED: Personal Story About Housing in Tillamook County

By Kari Fleisher
The opinions stated here are my own and may not be a reflection on any board or commission of which I may be appointed/elected.
Upon moving back to Tillamook County in 2003, it was difficult to find a rental property that accepted cats (2). We finally found a rental home and paid above market prices at the time. We settled into our avocado green 1970s appliances, goldenrod bathroom and lived through sewer lines failing. We had to fight for our deposit when moving as agreements were not adhered to, however we still love that house and all in which we have lived!
It may never had been our forever home, but it kept us safe and sheltered us from the storms.

We purchased our first home on Christmas Eve of 2004. It was 100% financed through two loans. After 13 years of remodeling our fixer and lifestyle incompatibility with the neighbors, we sold.
Steele and I experienced homelessness after selling our first home. We originally were planning on purchasing a duplex, however due to FHA restrictions on short-term rentals and setbacks on our sale. We’re sold with a contingency plan of a 22′ travel trailer to house 6 cats, a elderly saint, Miss Molly (OHS 2nd Chance Rescue), and a wonderful 19 year old that was still discovering who she was. Thankfully with community support, we found our temporary home until we were able to buy our new home in Rockaway Beach!
I am forever grateful for that support and will make sure that debt is repaid.
This is why I felt it necessary to be part of the housing commission. I have seen rents increase and the condition of housing decline.
As practically a pioneer here in Tillamook County and a multigenerational Oregonian, why should our best rentals be low income? Why do we fight change, when your city is considered a bedroom community?
I am thankful for the Garibaldi planning commission for allowing development. I hope that other cities follow your path.
Traffic jams are expected with our continued growth of tourism. Be thankful in the fact that we live here full-time. Trust me I do!!