OP/ED: This Time It’s Easy – Vote NO!

Sometimes deciphering a ballot measure can be confusing. Does one’s vote mean “yes, let’s change that,” or “yes, let’s continue that,” or “no, we don’t want that,” or no, don’t change that,” etc. Sometimes there are even competing measures that counter-act each other. And, often times the most we have to go on is some slick advertising that doesn’t really tell the whole story. Luckily, this time it’s easy!! I encourage you all to vote NO on all of the ballot measures. Here’s a brief on why that makes sense.

102 (Housing): This one seems good on the surface and is well endorsed, but it’s a Trojan Horse. 1) It’s an amendment to the state constitution and that should always be a red flag. 2) So many people are talking about affordable housing that it’s easy to want to throw money at the issue. The problem is that no one has defined what “affordable housing” means. Is it the same in Cannon Beach as it is in Hebo? Is it lack of inventory? If so, explain the boarded up, empty houses all across the county that have sat for years. Is it that developers don’t want to build here? If so, explain how Manzanita says no to two housing developments, explain the lovely cluster of new homes in Garibaldi, explain the fight to stop a small house community near Nehalem, explain the desire for developers to create multi-unit dwellings like the one that went up in Garibaldi, explain the approval for Habitat for Humanity to build two townhouses in Tillamook, explain how the NCRD can buy a home and knock it to the ground to make room for parking. This measure allows public funds to go to private companies. Any time this has happened the public ends up losing while the private companies make off with a healthy profit for providing a sub-standard product. These two entities operate with different goals and the safeguards against corruption were put into the constitution to protect us from the kind of abuses that can too easily go unchecked.

103 (Grocery Tax): This is straight up false advertising. It looks like consumers won’t be taxed, but in fact, it is designed to keep taxes from the manufacture, shipping, packaging, and the entire supply chain that feeds the grocery industry. This measure implies that prices on groceries won’t increase. Most likely, the prices on groceries will still increase and that profit will go directly into the pockets of the grocery industry.

104 (3/5 Majority): We can hardly get anything done with a simple majority. This measure spells gridlock.

105 (Local Law Enforcement to do Immigration Work): Local Law Enforcement needs to focus on enforcing LOCAL laws and safety. We simply can’t afford to throw resources at an issue that is not endangering the community.

106 (Abortion): The right for a woman to choose is the law of the land so just stop trying to mess with that.

In summary: No, No, No, No, and again NO!

Yvette Clark, Nehalem