OP/ED: Who owns a candidate?


By Julian Macassey
Anyone living and traveling in Tillamook and Clatsop counties has
noticed a barrage of advertising from Democratic candidate Tim Josi. All
this advertising and canvassing costs money.
This makes you wonder, why would a candidate put so much money
into winning a primary? Knowing that should the Primary be won, more
money will have to be spent to fight the election later in the year.

Mr. Josi has been receiving money from all sorts of places, a PAC
called PAC/WEST has been very generous, so we have to ask “Who are these
guys?” The timber industry has also been generous, two out of state
contributors are Weyerhauser and Pacific Building Materials who are based
in Hawaii. The Medical industry in the form of PACs have been very
generous to Mr. Josi, one of his medical industry contributors is the
Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas (Asuterasu Seiyaku
Kabushiki-gaisha) – Does this mean he will be fighting for Universal
Healthcare? He has also accepted money from Wells Fargo, a bank that has
been found to be committing fraud, although of course no one has gone to
All these thousands of dollars from corporations are not going to
be given because they think if elected he will represent the electorate,
he will be expected to do the bidding of his contributors.
The Josi campaign has spent much money with PAC/WEST a PR outfit.
Amazon that large war like woman that used to sell books has been
selling a fair amount of stuff to the Josi campaign.
Look at this like a rich uncle. If uncle gives you money, he
expects you to be available and do his bidding. So Mr. Josi will be on
speed dial for the medical industry, timber industry, and dairy industry.
Don’t expect him to care about your concerns unless you have your
checkbook ready.
Do we need a representative that is there for the electorate, or
one that is there for the corporations?
Mr. Josi has been happily accepting money from corporations that
do not have the best interests of the electorate of District 32 at heart.
Those who wish to see where the money is coming from, you can
access this public record and see who the players are. Go to: https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/gotoPublicTransactionSearch.do
In the second box down “Filer/Committee Name”, enter Josi and
click on the search button. You can scroll through the hundreds of
contributions by clicking on the “Next” and “Prev” buttons.