Oregon Coast Alliance Files Appeal of Tillamook BOC Decision to Allow Cable Landing Construction in Tierra Del Mar to State Land Use Board

The Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA) has filed a Notice of Intent to Appeal a recent determination by the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners. ORCA is a non-profit organization dedicated “…to protect the Oregon coast by working with coastal residents for … protection and restoration of coastal and marine natural resources …” The appeal notice has been forwarded to the State Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). At issue is the County Commission’s determination to grant Facebook a conditional waiver to conduct industrial drilling on an ocean front lot located in the residential neighborhood of Tierra Del Mar. It is expected LUBA will review the County Commission’s determination and render a decision even though Facebook may start construction before the decision is made.

Residents of Tierra Del Mar have strongly opposed the project. Nevertheless, in a meeting on January 9, the Tillamook County Commission voted two to one to permit Facebook’s drilling project. Commissioners David Yamamoto and Bill Baertlein voted to support Facebook. Commissioner Mary Faith Bell voted to oppose Facebook’s application for a conditional waiver. Residents of Tierra Del Mar then turned to ORCA for assistance and ORCA’s Board concurred the matter was appropriate for an independent review by LUBA.