Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Response to Port of Tillamook Bay Regarding Salmonberry Trail Lease


We at the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad (OCSR) want to express gratitude toward the Port of Tillamook Bay (POTB) for supporting us in our endeavor to be a prolonged historic service to visitors of Tillamook County. We understand that the contention between the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) and the lease agreement offered by the POTB is one of upmost importance to not only us at OCSR but also every current leaseholder beholden to the POTB. We also understand that the Salmonberry Trail project is one that stands to benefit the communities and regions it will interact with. That said we feel it is important to understand the distinction between rhetorical responses and what is actually contained within the legal framework of the proposed lease agreement offered by the POTB to STIA.
From the very beginning of this process the POTB has assured OCSR and all other leaseholders that their intention in regards to STIA has been one that would result in the mutually beneficial concept of a Rail-AND-Trail project. However the wording within the specific lease agreement offered to STIA on behalf of POTB says a number of contradictory statements that go against the assurances recently offered by the POTB in regards to this specific topic.
We feel the real topic for conversation is this; does the POTB have a responsibility to Tillamook County to keep control of current and potential new use agreements? Additionally, do the citizens of Tillamook County trust the Willamette Valley led STIA trail commission to act on behalf of the county if the POTB ultimately decides to move forward with the proposed lease agreement currently on the table?
We at OCSR will continue to keep pressure on the POTB Commissioners until it is clear within the legal language of the proposed STIA lease agreement that the current and potential new use agreements between POTB and the county it serves will be upheld with honor, transparency and authenticity.
Jessica Jung, General Manager
Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad