Oregon Department of Ag ALERT: Do you Raise Backyard Chickens or Birds? Avian Bird Flu Detected in Oregon

The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) Eurasian strain H5N1 has been confirmed in the Pacific Northwest. HPAI is a highly contagious, deadly disease in domestic poultry.
Gardeners are often the first ones to spot important environmental changes, including pests and disease. You are on-the-ground community scientists.

Are you raising chickens? Know four things:

1. Be aware of this novel disease;
2. Practice biosecurity, especially and including keeping wild waterfowl out of contact with domesticated poultry;
3. Tracking cases is critical. The Oregon Department of Agriculture asks bird owners to report unusual increases in illness or death rates in their flocks;
4. If you find a sick or dead bird, don’t touch it, report it.
• Email: npip@oda.oregon.gov
• Call: 1-800-347-7028
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For more information about HPAI, symptoms, biosecurity and how you can protect your flock please visit ODA’s avian influenza webpage in English at https://oda.direct/AI and in Spanish at https://oda.direct/IA.
Regarding waterfowl: If you find a sick or dead wild bird, call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: 866-968-2600