We’ve been working since mid-May to replace the West Fork Dairy Creek Bridge and originally expected to have OR 47 reopened by October.
The window for utility relocation to meet our original target date has passed, and we are still coordinating with our utility partners to relocate their lines. We have been working on other parts of the project not dependent on the utilities moving.

As you can see from the picture, the overhead utility lines are preventing us from setting the final sheet piles supporting the bridge deck. This doesn’t mean we aren’t making progress – we’ve also been working to realign the creek to help prevent downstream bank erosion.

Bridge under constructionWork completed includes:

  • Removing the old structure and preparing the site for the new one – including clearing the area and doing excavation work.
  • Digging out and placing the material and stone embankment to build the base needed to widen the road on the south end of the bridge.
  • Digging out the roadside ditches for better drainage.
  • Forming, installing rebar and pouring the concrete for the bridge abutments, which are the foundations at either end of the bridge.
  • Installed all of the pipe piling, which supports the bridge abutments, deck beams and the road surface. The majority of the sheet pile protecting the abutments from creek scour and debris has also been completed.
  • Added vegetation and boulders along the sides of the creek to help with erosion control.

What still needs to be done:

  • Finish installing the sheet piles into place which protect the abutments from creek scour and erosion.
  • Install the bridge beams between the bridge abutments to support the deck and driving surface. The beams are precast, which will help speed the process along.
  • Install the bridge deck. This includes building the forms, placing rebar to strengthen the deck and then pouring and finishing the concrete.
  • Install the bridge rail and guard rail.
  • Install the impact panels, which are the concrete pads underneath the asphalt just before the bridge on each side.
  • Build the road base or subgrade to support the asphalt or road surface.
  • Pave and install the permanent striping. Open the road to traffic!
  • Finish seeding and planting in the area.

We are unable to estimate a date of completion until the utility work is done. Once that happens we will work with the contractor to provide a new estimated completion date. Some of the remaining work is weather dependent and may impact the schedule.

We understand the impacts to the community and surrounding residents, and are doing what we can to finish the bridge and open the road.

Until the bridge can be completed, the road will continue to be closed to the north and south of the bridge and the detour, as shown below, will remain in place until the bridge can reopen. We are working on changing the portable message boards around town, it may take a few days for the October 1 signs to be removed.

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Detour Map

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