Oregon Health Authority: Coronavirus Update – April 7, 2022; Resources & Data Links

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It’s been awhile since we’ve shared information from the OHA about Coronavirus data and updates.  Here are links to information, and a survey; resources to find testing and vaccines.

Gentle giant eases vaccine anxiety, one cuddle at a time

Photo shows a little girl petting a dog.If you are anxious about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or booster, Jace the therapy dog may ease your fears. The 140 lb. bullmastiff regularly attends vaccination clinic events to provide a friendly paw or large furry head to cuddle. “The first time I took him to a clinic he was so delighted to be with people,” said Jace’s owner, Angela Frome with NW Disability Support. “It was almost like he knows this is his job and his gift.” Read on to learn about Jace and his special therapy work with the community.

Have questions about COVID-19? We have answers.

Graphic shows white text on a red background that reads "Coronavirus Questions?"

Whether you want to know more about COVID-19, the virus that causes it, vaccines, safety guidelines or something else, Oregon Health Authority has you covered. We have a wide variety of scientists, health care professionals and public health experts who can answer your questions about COVID-19 related to:

  • The virus (SARS-CoV-2) or the illness it causes (COVID-19)
  • Testing
  • Treatments
  • Vaccines and boosters
  • Variants and how they’re monitored, or genetic sequencing
  • Masks
  • Quarantine, isolation and other social guidance
  • Mental health
  • School safety
  • Culturally specific issues
  • Hospitals and health care workers
  • And more

Submit your question here, and we’ll publish questions and answers in upcoming newsletters.


Vaccinated but not boosted? Help us understand.

Photo shows wooden toy blocks that spell out "survey."

About 75% of people age 18 and older across Oregon have completed their first series of vaccinations, and only 45% have also received a booster dose. We’re hoping to understand some of the reasons why  people have thus far not received a booster.

If you’ve been fully vaccinated but have not had a booster shot, we hope you can take a moment to respond to this anonymous one-question multiple choice survey. It will ask you to select one reason that most closely represents your situation.

We plan to tally the results and use them in a future blog story, and all comments will remain anonymous. Thank you!

New COVID-19 reports published this week

This week marks the first week of OHA’s new schedule of published reports. New this week are the:

General Data Report (published every other Wednesday)

Outbreak Report (published every other Wednesday)

Breakthrough Case Report (published on the first Thursday of every month)

OHA’S frequently used resources

Graphic reads "COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster guidance"

Graphic reads "Find all COVID-19 data dashboards here"

Graphic reads: Latest Breakthrough case report (published every 1st Thursday of the month"

Graphic reads: Latest outbreak report (published every other Wednesday)

Graphic reads: Regional and county COVID-19 trends and data

Graphic reads "Wastewater surveillance data"