Oregon Health Plan members may qualify for transportation to vaccine clinics


Are you enrolled in Oregon Health Plan and eligible for a vaccine? You may qualify for transportation to vaccine clinics.

After getting an appointment for vaccination, you may be wondering how to get to the clinic.

If you are enrolled in Oregon Health Plan (OHP) either with a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) managed-care plan or under an OHP Open Card (fee for service) plan, you can use Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) to get to a clinic and get back home.

Here is a map of NEMT  brokerages. Call the brokerages directly to schedule a ride.

If you are an older adult or an adult with a physical disability, there may also be other services in your community to assist with transportation. To learn more:

Older woman wearing face mask. We’re working non-stop to distribute vaccine to all Oregon seniors, but nationwide shortages mean this will take time.