Oregon State Legislature Passes Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

From Beverly Stein: The Tillamook Master Recyclers are pleased to report that the Oregon Legislature has passed a ban on single use plastic bags. This makes Oregon the third state to pass a statewide ban and the first to include restaurants. We have been working for over a year to raise the awareness of the people living in Tillamook County about the urgency of addressing plastic pollution and the benefits of banning single use plastic bags and believe that a statewide approach makes tremendous sense. We want to acknowledge and thank our legislative delegation for their support. Senators Betsy Johnson and Arnie Roblan and Representatives Dave Gomberg and Tiffani Mitchell all voted yes on this legislation.

From Surfrider:
BREAKING NEWS -Oregon Passes Most Comprehensive Plastic Bag Ban in the Country!
We did it! After over a decade of advocacy at the local and state level, the Oregon legislature has passed the strongest plastic bag ban legislation in the nation!
Following the passage of the Sustainable Shopping Initiative (House Bill 2509), a bill eliminating single use plastic carry out bags, Oregon has become the third state to pass statewide legislation addressing this chronic source of plastic pollution and the first to include restaurants! Through a strong alliance of business, environmental, and waste management professionals, the bill passed by a vote of 17-12. With the inclusion of restaurants, Oregon’s Sustainable Shopping Initiative is set to be the most comprehensive bag ban policy in the nation.
Thank you to all of the Oregonians who contributed to the success of this bill from your actions at the local level to your statewide advocacy in the Capitol and with our elected officials, this is your victory!