Oregon State Parks Lifts Beach Fire Ban for North, Central Coasts

Oregon State Parks is lifting the ban on fires on the beach effective August 27th on the north and central coasts.
This includes the beaches from the Columbia River on the north to the Umpqua River on the south. The south coast (south of the Umpqua River) will continue to have a fire ban in place until further notice.

Reasoning behind the release of fire restrictions is the moisture that we have experienced along with the longer nights which bring cooler temperatures.
On the south coast, conditions continue to be warmer with less moisture in the air and access is more challenging for fire fighters to respond, thus the ban will stay in place for a while longer.

Current Burn Restrictions:
All burning is prohibited except for recreational fires are allowed in a proper fire pit with a valid permit.
Please visit http://nehalembayfirerescue.org/…/forms-per…/burning-permit/ for permits.
Check with your local Fire Department regarding restrictions.