Oregon State Parks Prohibit Campfires, Open Flames in all State Park Properties – Includes Beach Fires


July 19, 2018 – Immediate Release **
OPRD is prohibiting all campfires and open flames in all state park properties effective 10 a.m. today (7/19/2018). The ban is in response to Governor Brown’s declaration of a fire emergency. The campfire and open flame ban includes campgrounds, day-use areas, and all areas of the Ocean Shore and beaches managed by OPRD.
The fire ban applies to wood, charcoal, and other flame sources that cannot be turned off with a valve. Liquid fuel stoves or cooking devices that can be turned off with a valve are permitted, but cannot be left unattended.

The fire ban is expected to last at least one week, but will be evaluated based on weather, resource conditions and input from Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and other state and local fire officials.
Up-to-date info about fire restrictions at state parks is here: http://bit.ly/2uLzdwY.