*OSP [*677] Non-Emergency Number

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Tillamook County Sheriff’s office also has a non-emergency number for reporting traffic hazards or unsafe driving which is 503-815-1911.

The Oregon State Police [OSP] launched *OSP as a fast and easy way for you to contact the Oregon State Police dispatch for non-emergencies from your mobile phone. *OSP [*677] is a mobile phone direct call number established to provide the public with a quick, easy-to-remember number to use for non-emgerency reporting of traffic safety, highway hazards and obstructions, minor crashes, Fish & Wildlife violations, poaching, suspicious activity and requests for assistance.

*OSP is not an emergency number and 9-1-1 still remains the emergency number to call for an emergency. *OSP rings directly into the State Police Dispatch center and is answered by a live dispatcher 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While the Oregon State Police does actively patrol the highways and interstates of Oregon, we are simply unable to stop every traffic violation that occurs. While we certainly attempt to address all traffic violations, we do focus on behaviors that fall under what we refer to as our #fatalfive.
• Speed
• Occupant Safety
• Lane Departure
• Impaired Driving
• Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, Oregon has one of the lowest per capita Trooper rates in the nation and our resources are limited. We encourage everyone to report any reckless drivers that you come across by dialing *OSP from your mobile device, which will connect you directly to our dispatch center. We appreciate tips on significant issues that might endanger the public.
#DriveSafe #Report #ItCanWait