Our Future Depends on the Best Representatives — For House District 32 that’s Debbie Booth-Schmidt

We are in the grips of one of the worst economic collapses this country has experienced, a crisis of a magnitude many of us have not experienced in our lifetimes. How will we dig ourselves out? How will we craft a recovery that takes into account the unique needs we have here on the North Coast? Now, more than ever, we need solid and able leadership to help us rebuild our economy. We need to send a competent person to represent us in Salem, who knows what our needs are and who will bring resources back to our community. That person is Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, running for our House District 32.

Debbie’s respected skills as a public service employee and union leader spanned over 20 years. She’s also been a successful local small businesswoman. We need someone who has the skills to negotiate with the best of them, and get things done when the going gets tough.
We need someone who can represent working families not outside interests and corporate bullies, like her opponent Suzanne Weber. Our economic recovery depends on the viability of our natural resources to ensure good jobs for our future. Debbie gets this. She grew up in a timber family in eastern Oregon and knows the challenges of this industry.
The success of our future really does rely on those we hire to represent us. Join me in voting for Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, for a comeback that’s brighter and stronger than the setback.
Rebecca Read, Seaside, OR