Pacific City Skatepark Construction Breaking Ground in February

Pacific City, OR, January 23, 2021– The Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (NVCA) along with Moment Surf Company and the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic (CKLC) will begin construction of Phase One of the Pacific City Skatepark. Groundbreaking on this project is scheduled for February 12th, 2021. World renowned Dreamland Skateparks of Lincoln City will be spearheading the project. Plans are for Phase One to be completed and ready for skateboards before early summer.

This project is the culmination of a decade long dream and fundraising effort to provide more recreational opportunities for the area’s youth. NVCA is incredibly grateful to Moment Surf Company, Pelican Brewing, Dreamland Skateparks and everyone who has supported CKLC and the Pacific City
Lisa Macy-Baker has recently taken the position of NVCA board president. “Thankfully, Dreamland was available and willing to begin the skatepark project with the funds we have available now. Although the skatepark is only a part of our masterplan, and we are far from fully funded, we’re so excited to start seeing some visible progress.”

The community park, located near Cape Kiwanda, currently serves as a fund-raising overflow parking lot and has raised over $20,000 in 2021 from parking donations. NVCA was also recently awarded a Tillamook County Transient Lodging Facilities Grant for $74,000 which will help to provide utilities and infrastructure to the park. The Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic and Brewfest, usually held in August and organized by Moment Surf Company and Pelican Brewing, serves as the primary fundraiser for the skatepark that will be located at the northeast end of the community park.

NVCA is a non-profit all volunteer organization that is developing a Community Park at the Cape Kiwanda Drive location. Park plans include a skate park, playground, interpretive center, and hiking trails. Community volunteers and donations are essential to the success of this project.
The mission of the NVCA is to bring education opportunities and recreation venues to the community. Visit the NVCA website at where you can donate and volunteer. Watch the Facebook page for more information and to keep up-to-date on future events.
If you would like more information about NVCA or the park, please contact Nicole Twigg NVCA Board Secretary at 503-816-9516 or email at