Passion for People Makes Lisa McKibbin the Heart of Extension Office

By Amy Schmid, Administrative Program Specialist, & Jessica D. Linnell, PhD, Assistant Professor of Practice, Family & Community Health, OSU Extension Service, Tillamook County

We all know those people that make friends with whoever they meet. They just have welcoming, outgoing personalities and truly enjoy getting to know others. Lisa McKibbin is one of those people. She has grown up in Tillamook County. She knows most everyone and they know her. She cannot walk one block without stopping to talk to at least three people. This has served her well in the 25 years she has been with Tillamook County Extension Service, where she has met many of the people who she stops and talks with. She states, “I have made many lifelong friendships [through working at Extension].”

Lisa McKibbin has provided the clients of the Extension Service with exceptional customer service throughout the years. Lisa started with the Tillamook Extension Service in July 1992 working as the 4-H secretary. She has watched generations of Tillamook 4-H members grow. She loves that the youth who were members when she started now have their own children participating in the 4-H program.

Currently Lisa is the office manager for the Tillamook Office. The tasks she does to keep the office running smoothly is extensive and includes: accounting, budgeting, travel, human resources, purchasing and more. She is the “office mom,” taking care of everyone, making sure all needs are met, so that the Extension faculty and staff can do the best work for the people of Tillamook County.

Customer Service will always be her main priority for the diverse audience she loves serving. She makes sure each and every person feels welcome. This includes the many volunteers of the Extension programs she says, “I have the pleasure of knowing.” People may enter the office as a visitor but by the time they leave Lisa has their life story, has recommended the best things to do over the weekend and where to eat, which is most likely at a BBQ at her house.

A great example of Lisa’s extraordinary service is how she conducts tours of our new building on 3rd Street to just about everyone who has come in the door. Lisa guides people through our new building as if they are guests in her home. She takes them through the space, pausing door-by-door, and introduces them to Extension Staff so they know who and where we are. She proudly shows off the spaces that are used for classes, day camps, and meetings, and all along the way she shares information about the various programs that we offer. Lisa also makes it a point to out the generosity of Extension supporters who donated money to the Extension Service for the new building and the artwork on loan from the Pioneer Museum. It is evident from how she conducts these tours that she feels deeply connected to her community and wants the community to feel deeply connected to the Extension Service.

When we asked Lisa what she likes most about the work she does at OSU Extension she said, “I love the people I work with, coming to work every day is a joy. It is never repetitive and I still learn something new every day.” The next time you come in the Extension office be sure to say hello to Lisa. If you have a question she will surely know how to find the answer or will connect you to the person who can.

By Extension, Your Connection to the Programs, People, and Publications from OSU Extension Tillamook County

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