Pioneer-Indian Trail temporarily closed through June 16

Hebo, OR – A portion of the Pioneer-Indian Trail on Mt. Hebo is temporarily closed for public safety during forest restoration operations. The trail is expected to reopen by Friday, June 16, though hikers are encouraged to confirm the status of the trail before heading out. The closure is from the intersection of the Tie Trail (approx. 1.5 mi east of Hebo Lake, which connects to horse corral) to the westernmost intersection with Forest Service Road 14 (approx. .5 mi west of Mt. Hebo summit). After the trail reopens, hikers may notice the forest is a little more open than previously.  The objective of the work being done is to thin forest stands to promote the development of old growth characteristics by enhancing growth, health, structure, and diversity of forest stands. The trail itself is being protected during operations in order to minimize impacts, though minor repairs may be needed upon reopening.

Status of the trail closure can be found here or by calling the Hebo Ranger District at 503-392-5100.