Plastic Pollution Awareness Event Well-Attended, Launches Ongoing Efforts to Reduce Plastics

Photos by Don Best
Tillamook County Master Recyclers celebrated the County’s first Plastic Pollution Awareness Day on Saturday, April 27th at the Second Street Plaza in Tillamook. The highlight of the show was a 10-foot fish hand crafted by local artist and Master Recycler, Clyde Zeller that was stuffed with single-use grocery bags at the rally, and continues to be on display at the 2nd Street Plaza in Tillamook.

Tillamook County Master Recyclers helped to make the event successful. Clyde Zeller, creator of the fish poses in front. Thank you team! Many thanks to all of you, especially Beverly Stein, Roger Miller, and Georgeanne Zedrick for your planning and coordinating of the event.

On hand to speak at the rally were: Tillamook City Council President, John Sandusky; Tillamook County Commissioner, Mary Faith Bell; Wheeler Mayor, Stevie Burden; Vicki Penwell, US Forest Service; Bay City Mayor, Christopher Kruebbe; Rep. David Gomberg; and, Rockaway City Councilor, Nathan Beemer.

Opening music and a special number was provided by local musicians, Sonya Kazen and Fred Bassett.

A reading of Myrtle the Turtle, written by Celeste Meiffren-Swango was read by South Prairie third graders.

Student readers:
L to R: Kelly, Keira, Kaylie, Rachel, Joanna, Leo, Blake, Abbie, Francisco
Click here to see the YouTube vide by Diane Colcord of the reading.

Attendees of the show were invited to enter to win a drawing for a gift certificate to one of the gracious local restaurants who donated to the cause: Garibaldi Portside Bistro, Grateful Bread Bakery, Off Shore Grill & Coffee House, Pacific Restaurant, Pelican Pub & Brewery, Salmonberry Saloon, and the Schooner Restaurant & Lounge.
The Tillamook County Master Recyclers really put on a great show with a plethora of information and CARTM representatives were on hand as well to educate on the hazards of plastics in the environment.
Reusable shopping bags were handed out to rally-goers compliments of Fred Meyer, Safeway and the City of Rockaway Beach.
Bags that were “fed” to the fish and currently reside there will be donated to the Tillamook Lion’s Club for their plastic bag collection.
Many thanks and notes of appreciation go out to Beverly Stein, Roger Miller and Georgeanne Zedrick as organizers of the rally as well as the entire Master Recycler team for making the event a huge success.

For those that missed the rally, you may still view the fish at the Second Street Plaza until Friday, May 24th. If you are interested in how to help fight the war on plastic pollution or in becoming a Master Recycler, please visit our website at or call the Tillamook County Solid Waste office at 503.815.3975