POEM: Another Decade

By Virginia Carrell Prowell
10 years has passed us by!
Looking back, we come to realize
All the events that have affected our lives.
Loved ones have gone to the Great Beyond
And yet we manage to push ourselves on.

Great progress has evolved in the technical world.
It’s all about speed and moving forward.
Cell phones have started dominating our lives,
Controlling everything on our minds.

The encyclopedia and dictionary are references of the past.
Just tap on Google and he’ll give
you the answers easier and fast.
Shopping and banking can be done from home
Sit back in your easy chair and use your smart phone.

Progress will continue in coming decades
Will the cure for cancer, and other diseases be made?
Will peace in the world come to pass?
The answers depend on the mood of the mass

May God be with us from this day forward.
–Virginia Prowell 1-12-2020

Here is an interview with Virginia.