By Virginia Prowell (10-14-2018)

The sun had just set in the Western sky
On a clear day in the month of July
The inside lights were all aglow
The clock strikes nine, it’s bedtime, you know!

As I turned my head to click off the switch
My eyes seemed to be playing tricks.
A full moon was showcasing a beautiful sight
Four dancing hummingbirds in a ballet flight

——-And then—-
On an early evening in the month of October
Travelling along the Tillamook Bay and Harbor
The setting sun’s flaming reflection
Spilled amazing beauty in every direction.

A graceful design was etched in the ebbing tide
While a jeweled crescent moon seemed dignified
As it hovered and completed the scene
Of a Memorable Moonlight so supreme

PHOTO CREDIT: Tillamook Bay harvest moon, October 25, 2018 by Neal Lemery