By Virginia Carrell Prowell

The moment a child is born,

A woman begins a role in a production called Motherhood.

The care she gives her baby is a

God-given gift of tenderness.

Feeding the infant by bottle or breast

Is an inherent gift of Love and affection.

That every Mother possesses without exception.

Bathing and cuddling are added pleasures.

Bonding child to Mother forever and ever!

Time passes quickly into the busy phase,

As baby learns to crawl and climb and walk and run all over the place.

Teaching becomes a Mother’s responsibility.

Where boundaries are set for safety and security.

“Mama”, “Dada” may be a child’s first words.

But an increased vocabulary will

come in leaps and bounds!

Now, a happy Toddler has come into being,

A delightful age for the entire Family.

When the child enters the first grade

Academic teaching will be made.

This help to the Mother is a welcome relief.

The next twelve years are filled with various learning experiences by both Mother and Child.

When the child reaches the teenage stage,

Their body begins a very extreme change,

As a hormone development starts to emerge.

A confused state between child and Mother seems to surge.

Compassion and empathy are required in this situation.

As both viewpoints need careful examination,

And come to a mutual understanding.

Motherhood does not end when the child becomes an adult.

Her role will be completely different.

As she becomes a cheerleader for all her child’s accomplishments!