POEM: The Calendar Family

Editor’s Note: Here is Virginia Prowell’s reference to August as “THE STEP CHILD”

By Virginia Prowell (8-1-2015)

                 Introducing the Calendar family
                 Best known for their size and longevity,
                 Each of them is renowned for a special day
                 Except for one who has been neglected this way
                 Jan is famous for her big celebration,
                 Bringing in the New Year for all the nations.
                 Feb has cupid to mark the day when love is in the air
                  Hundreds of valentines and candy make a big flair.
                 Doubly blessed is March as spring is ushered in
                 And happy St. Patrick’s day is an Irishman’s win
                 April dances in with showers and beautiful flowers,
                 Easter’s blessings, sounds of bells in Church towers.
                 May Day, dance around a pole, make baskets of flowers
                 And praise our Mothers on their special day of honors.
                  June, summer begins along with her many celebrations
                  Wedding Bells, Father’s day, Flag Day, and graduation. 
                 Marking the birth of our nation with a colorful flair
                 On July 4th, tremendous fireworks blast into the air
                 Not special, not grand, nothing of extravagance                               
Step child August makes his unheralded appearance.
                 September marches in a Labor Day parade
                 Autumn begins and the school bell calls each grade.
                 October twelve we remember Christopher Columbus
                 And on the thirty-first it’s Halloween and hocus pocus
                 Our War Veterans are honored on November eleventh
                 Thanksgiving is Thursday, not the first, but the fourth.
                 December brings winter and the North winds blow
                 On the 25th, Christmas decorations and lights aglow.